SONY MDR-ZX110A Wired, Without Mic HEAD PHONE (White)
SONY MDR-ZX110A Wired, Without Mic HEAD PHONE (White)
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Earphones with a user-friendly design and a life-like rhythmic reaction can be a great accessory for music enthusiasts.

The feature-packed Sony MDR-ZX110A Stereo Headphones come with a responsive diaphragm that helps in delivering crisp, clear and precise audio, effortlessly.

These MDR-ZX110A Stereo Headphones are lightweight and manufactured tactfully with a folding design. This particular design helps in storing them easily in your handbag or backpack while you are travelling.

The MDR-ZX110A Stereo Headphones come with enclosed design and can be wrapped easily around ears, leading to a distraction-free sound. Also, acoustics will be reflected back to your ears and you will be enabled to hear a detailed audio.

Enfolded back design also helps in maximizing the bass balance in music, so that you are able to hear every beat clearly.

Usually, music lovers like to complete their everyday tasks, with earphones on. That is why, it is important listen with total comfort. The MDR-ZX110A Stereo Headphones come equipped with self adjusting headband and cushioned earpads.The frequency range of the MDR-ZX110A Stereo Headphones is 12Hz to 22kHz, delivering a deep bass and elevated sound quality.

This type of earcup covers your entire ear without leaving any room for uneasiness or irritation. With such kind of comfort, you can spend a whole day listening to your favorite tracks back to back.

These earphones come ready with 30 mm dynamic driver unit and neodymium magnets that help in delivering clear and powerful audio.

Cord length:1.2 m

Warranty : 1 Year Warranty

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